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What You Should Know Before Installing a Gate

11/19/2013 Back To Blog

No one would disagree that novel gate mounting doesn't require great precision and knowledge but we want to draw your attention to the period before installation when you are still thinking about constructing a fence and place a gate. The extent of your property is defined and, hence, your only worries would be deciding between plain steel or embellished iron gates. Right? Wrong! You need to consider many more things about your gate because this will be the first and most important entrance into your property and, thus, the first line of your home's defense.

Make the right decisions about your gate

  • First of all, you need to decide about its size. In order to do that you need to consider the members of your family, the cars that come and go in your property, future expectations and current lifestyle. It's always best to install bigger gates in case you'll get a bigger car or have more needs tomorrow.
  • Once you've decided on the size, you need to decide on the right place. Unless there is a certain regulation in the neighborhood, you need to install the gate in the most convenient place in the yard where you can have the space to also install a gate intercom control device. Make sure you also have good visibility when you are exiting the property.
  • The position of the gate would also depend on the type you would choose. For example, swing gates require a lot of room and you would have to find the most spacious corner.
  • When choosing the material, take into consideration the weather conditions of your location. If there is humidity in your area, refrain from buying wooden ones and prefer wrought iron doors.
  • Get electric gates, which embody sensors and have more conveniences. If you have a garage door, you may want to operate both openers by the same multicode clicker.
  • If you are interested in higher security, you may need to consider the possibility of setting up intercom systems.
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