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Read below for a list of great tips regarding your gate repair needs.

Easy and simple gate maintenance

Gates are prone to wear and tear. They need to be taken care of so that their service life will be long. One easy and simple care that you can give your gate is by keeping it clean and away from sprinklers. Sprinklers give out treated water and this may cause the gate to rust quickly.  Lubricating it is a good gate repair step you can do.

Maintaining a gate operator

These days, gates come with sliding gate operators. These parts get dirty and rusty easily... Here is a simple sliding gate operator repair tip that will really help in maintaining the workability of the gate operator: All you have to do is to squirt silicon spray on the inner tube of the gate operator so that it will not get stuck.

Ornamental iron gates check-up

The grease fittings in the hinge area are among the parts of the ornamental iron gates that needs checking and regular maintenance. These should be lubricated several times a year. Another good gate repair tip is to remove the arm from the gate and swing the gate manually to check if it is working properly. Also check that all hinges are tightly placed.

Why must I keep the gate remote safe?

When it comes to security, please bear in mind that the multicode remote is the most significant entrance for your house. If you lose it, it might get to the wrong hands and you will be providing easy access to burglars. For the same reason, you must keep the code of your gate opener keypad a secret. If the gate remote is damaged, you may be locked out of your property. Therefore, in any of these cases, it is best to replace the opener, as soon as possible.

Do not neglect your automatic gate opener

Some people tend to neglect their automatic gate opener because of its convenience. However, it still requires regular maintenance. Do not miss a scheduled maintenance even if your gate opener seems like it’s working perfectly. There is a good chance that it’s already storing build-ups that can lead to damage.

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