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About Us - Gate Repair Alhambra

Fixing driveway gates efficiently is important because these are the main entrances to properties and meant to provide protection. The staff of Gate Repair Alhambra is aware that services require knowledge and extended knowhow, attention and immediate intervention and this is the main reason why all technicians are trained and follow strict schedules in order to take care of all 24 hour needs immediately. The infrastructure of our gate contractor is strong and dynamic since the equipment is replaced and renewed along with the changes of technology. Technicians are competent to deal with any type of mechanism because they are familiar with all opener brands and any system.

About us - Gate Repair Alhambra

Fully dedicated gate experts for all services

Gate service presupposes proper preparation and expertise. It requires excellent tools and high devotion because each system would demand different procedures and each component special attention. You can be sure that our technical teams are trained to repair gate motor problems, fix the hinges of swing gates or replace the sensors of sliding ones. From the installation of gates down to the last component and from the replacement of openers to the repair of rollers we excel in every service thanks to our knowledge and dedication.

We offer 24 hour residential as well as commercial electric gate service because we know the urgency of the situation when the clicker is damaged or the operator is problematic. We intervene fast because we equip all company vans ahead and there are always support teams to cover your needs regardless of the time or overload of work. When you call us to fix an electric gate not closing well, you can be sure of our speed and the quality of our services. These are both significant parameters for efficient work and prevention of accidents and major problems and that's why “Gate Repair Alhambra” is strict with its rules about internal organization, the training program of its technicians and its products. You can expect the best because we invest in our work and infrastructure and can promise security. Get in touch today via email or phone!

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