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Find compiled answers to frequently asked questions on gate repair and door maintenance here. Stop getting confused about gate remote systems! Find out their benefits, the advantages of keypads and how to inspect gates.

Is a gate remote the same as a gate clicker?

Yes, they refer to only one thing. These terms refer to a device that’s quite popular with residential property owners because it provides a homeowner the means to open and close their gate when entering or leaving their property without having to get out of their vehicle using a remote control. It is a practical device that spares homeowners from being exposed to the elements especially during inclement weather.

Which is advisable to install? A keypad opener or a gate remote?

Keypad openers are most practical in situations wherein several different people need to have access to a property. For example in an office garage where a number of people enter and leave the area it is best to install a keypad system with the parking garage gates rather than giving each individual authorized to go in and out of the property their own remote.

How can I inspect gates?

Each gate system has slightly different components. Make sure the swing gates open and close properly and ensure the swing gate hinges are secured. Check the sliding gate wheels and the tracks and, of course, you must always keep an eye open on the remote and opener.

What's the use of temporary keypad codes?

Temporary keypad codes are useful for visitors, who spend a few days in your house and you want to give them easy access through the gate. They're also practical for having the gardener, cleaning lady or postman coming in without buzzing your door every single time.

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