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Which Gate Parts Need Frequent Maintenance

01/07/2014 Back To Blog

When it comes to heavy mechanisms such as the electric gate systems, maintenance service matters a lot because these systems are related to the overall security of your home, exposed to the sun, wind and rain all day long, components are not designed to last forever and they are certainly affected by daily use. Certainly, the whole system must be examined thoroughly often but some parts require more intensive care and frequent repairs because they play a major role to the proper movement of the door and, thus, your security.


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As an overall, gate repair is important for the long-lasting of the system, the safety of your family and the security of your property. As a consequence, all parts must be checked periodically but you ought to give higher attention to certain components because if they are damaged, you will have major problems.

  • Hinges. The swing gate hinges may seem small, perhaps trivial parts to some people but they actually hold the swing gate balanced, aligned and stable. If they get loose or extensively damaged, the panel would sag on one side and won't close properly. It's important to get the biggest size possible for your mechanism in order to ensure higher stability. At the same time, prefer galvanized hinges to avoid problems with rust.
  • Tracks. The driveway gate track of the sliding door must be in perfect condition or the panel won't close or open properly and it will certainly be noisy. Dented tracks can actually cause important security problems and that's why they must not only be checked often but also cleaned frequently.
  • Safety sensors. The swing gate safety loops sensors are the most important parts for your safety and still people forget their existence until accidents occur. The point is avoiding injuries and that's why sensors are obligatory to all residential gate openers. Check and test them systematically.
  • Clicker. Regardless if you use a gate remote or keypad to gain access to your driveway, the system must be checked often, the codes changed regularly and the clicker must be cleaned and kept in safe parts of your house. This is the main key of your property and losing it would put you in a high risk situation.
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